Station Casinos faces disciplinary action in Nevada over illegal sports bets

Station Casinos could face disciplinary action from the Nevada Gaming Commission for taking alleged illegal sports bets.

The complaint was filed against Station Casinos and Red Rock Casino Resort.

The issue

On 13 September, the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) filed a complaint against Station Casinos and Red Rock Casino Resort for taking illicit bets.

According to the complaint, up to 348 sports bets were placed after the results of the events were known. The alleged violations took place over a three-year period in Nevada, with the latest taking place in March 2021.

The report revealed that the bets were taken via the Stadium Live mobile sports betting platform. Red Rock Casino stores the servers for Station Casino’s Stadium Live app

Station Casinos said it took the bets due to computer malfunctions, however, because the issue was known to Station, the NGCB said the operator is “responsible for any violations related to the Stadium Live program.”

The complaint states that: “Toleration of such repeated violations constitutes grounds for license revocation or other disciplinary action.”

The illicit bets

The complaint claims that there were four occurrences over the last three years, where the company’s sportsbooks took illicit bets. The regulator had issued regulation violation letters to the casino for the first two incidents.

According to the NGCB complaint, on 1 June 2018, Red Rock accepted and wrote tickets for 35 sports wagers on five events where the results were known. 

Then on 9 January 2019, the casino took approximately 116 bets on closed events. That same year on 7 March, Red Rock took 30 bets on at least three events with known results.

The complaint also says that on 18 March 2021, the casino reported a malfunction in the Stadium Live app that caused it to write 167 tickets on completed events. The company then voided and refunded the bets.

Following the issues from 2018 and 2019, the NGCB told Station Casinos it needed to have  “redundant monitoring processes to ensure it does not accept money or its equivalent ostensibly as a wager upon an event whose outcome has already been determined, including for wagering events administered by third-party wagering programs.”

The 167 illicit bets placed this year were down to the same issue, however, Red Rock self-reported the malfunction. The NGCB referenced the previous issues as potential violations.

The regulator said: “Respondents have not maintained sufficient control and monitoring processes concerning their mobile sports wagering application to prevent incidents which reflect or tend to reflect poorly on the reputation of gaming in the State of Nevada and/or act as a detriment to the development of the gaming industry and/0r reflect or tend to reflect discredit upon the State of Nevada or the gaming industry.”

What will happen now?

The NGCB has suggested that the Nevada Gaming Commission should fine Station Casinos for each violation.

The NGCB also asked the Commission to “take action against respondents’ licenses pursuant to the parameters defined in NRS 463.310(4),” as well as any other relief that it deems “just and proper.”